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Things you need for Sixth Form that no one tells you

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Welcome to the post! Today is one I know lots of you will find super useful and one quite frankly I wish I had myself when I was starting Sixth Form. The post is split into two halves Things you definitely need and Things no one tells you but make life a lot easier. At the end, there is also a FREE printable checklist. Please do share the post to anyone you think will find it useful.

This post does use affiliate links meaning if you purchase anything I've recommended I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. I use everything recommended myself and wholeheartedly endorse. Also, if you buy through here you'll be supporting the blog!

Things you definitely need

A big backpack

You are going to be taking a lot of things with you to school so a big backpack is a must! The one I use has space for my laptop, all my school supplies and has a hella load of pockets which is perfect for organising it all.

Water Bottle

Ask anyone who knows me in real life and they will say I always have a water bottle in my hand! It has become a defining feature of my personality just how much water I drink, even my chemistry teacher said to me before my GCSE exam that she's never seen me without one.


Staying organised in Sixth form is a necessity and a good planner makes all the difference. I absolutely love this one as it has a yearly overview, monthly overview at the start of the month and plenty of room for me to make notes under each day.

Fun fact: my bag has a pillow in it for this picture as currently I am homeschooling!

Folders, Folders and Folders

You definitely need folders. I recommend starting by having a massive lever arch one for each subject (you will need more eventually), a smaller one for each subject to keep revision in and then have one smaller folder you always take to school that keeps your current work in.

Plastic Wallets

Group similar work together in them and store them in your folders. Keeping things in wallets also stops sheets from tearing or getting water damage.


You are going to need dividers to organise your folders. I recommend getting 1 - 20 dividers rather than 1 - 10 as it gives you more options to divide it.

Hole Punch

I recommend getting a lightweight one so you can take it to school with you and not get weighed down.


I use Oxford Campus lined paper as it is such good quality. I can write on both sides of the page without my ink going through and it's super easy to tear off. Also, they have also have an accompanying app that lets you scan your notes to make digital copies. This pack of 5 has lasted me over 3/4 of the year!

Paper Clips

Pastel ones look super cute!

Cue Cards

Definitely, a must as they are amazing for revision. The only brand I use is Silvine and they come in a 4 colour pack or just plain white, they are a super good price as well!

Sticky Notes

I have a stick note pad just like this one as it makes me even more organised. I like to stick them just above my desk so I can always see them. The type I currently use I believe is from Sainsbury's but if you see any like them I definitely recommend, they are game-changing.

Textbooks and Revision Guides

Make sure to get these super early as they will go. I recommend getting them second hand as it is wayyyyy cheaper and much more environmentally friendly. If you don't know what one you should get, send an email to your school or look on their website.

Pencil Case

I love stationary so I like to have a really big pencil case but not the ones that everything is just loose in! I use this expandable pencil case as it had loads of pockets and space to store things in.

Clear Pencil Case

For exams, you need to have a clear pencil case. I use a long one so I can fit my ruler inside it.


With the speed you have to take notes at you must get pens which are easy to write with. I use Papermate inkjoy as they just glide across the page.

Colourful Pens

I love my notes to be colourful so colourful pens are a must! Like I said before you need ones that are easy to write with and again I recommend Papermate inkjoy.


Colourful Pencils

Pencil Sharpener with a container

Definitely get one with a container as that way you don't need a bin.


If you've read my post on how I revise history, you will know I love to highlight in a colour code!



Glue Sticks

I love stationary!

Subject Specific

Some of your subjects may require you to get things, especially for that subject. For example, for A-Level maths, you need a special calculator. Contact your teachers and ask if you don't know.

Things no one tells you but make life a lot easier

Mini Stapler

This is a must! I can fit it in my pencil and it is so helpful for just stapling sheets together.

USB Sticks

USB sticks are so easily forgotten but do make life a lot easier.


This one definitely makes life a lot easier. They are great for revising on as you can be as messy as you want. I have a large one in my room and a small one that I can take to school. Don't forget whiteboard pens.

Plastic Popper Wallets

These are amazing for storing loose sheets and pieces of paper in as they don't get crumbled or wet when it's raining.

Cue Card Holders

This completely changed by cue card game! It is the best way to store cue cards so they don't get damaged or lost!

White Blue Tack

During exam season I like to stick up my revision on my walls but I do not like the stains left behind so I use white blue tack.

Card Games

With all the free periods there is some time for fun as you shouldn't spend it all working. My absolute favourites are classic playing card games (you will learn so many new games), Uno (it can get very competitive and loud), Randomise (you will have a lot of laughs playing this) and Dobble (my absolutely favourite). Also, if you are the one with the games you will be everyone's friend.

Retractable badge holder

These are helpful for when scanning in. Top tip: these usually come in bulk so buy them and sell them off to your friends for a profit!

I've spent many happy hours playing card games with my friends!

Colourful Card

Making mindmaps or notes on these look super nice!

Stress Ball

I like to use this magnetic putty as a stress ball or just your average stress ball which is fun to throw!

Collapsible Coffee Cup

This is incredible for, my on the way to school coffee. It collapses into a small disc that fits in the side of my bag perfectly and it is lightweight. My Sixth Form also has a coffee shop and you get a discount when using a reusable cup so it is a win-win.


In the study area or library, it is not always quite plus music helps me to relax. I use wireless earphones as I always get a wire caught on things and these block out sound. These also have a good battery life so I can listen to music all day.

Power Pack and a Spare Phone Charger


I love to read and my subjects often require me to do extra reading. Having a kindle is perfect as it is so lightweight I can take it to school and I can have hundreds of books with me no matter where I am. I recommend getting a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited as it has so many books on. I love the Captivating History series!

Pin Badges

Everyone wears pin badges on their lanyard, I get mine from Etsy as they are super cute and there are ones for everyone's interests. They are also great for making new friends as they can start a conversation. My archaeologist and historian at heart loves themed ones like this Anglo Saxon Sutton Hoo Helmet badge!

I've had my Kindle over 7 years!

That's the post! I hope you enjoyed reading my list and found it incredibly useful. Don't forget to download the FREE printable checklist below. Make sure to share the post on social media - tag me @ahellaloadofhistory on Instagram and @hellahistory on Twitter. Also, if you do want to buy any of these things please consider buying them through this post as it really supports the blog!

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